What is herpes


What is Herpes?

The human body is a complex and mysterious machine. Medicine and science are constantly busy exploring and discovering how different processes work in our bodies, and how we react to different materials, external stimuli and also including viruses and viruses. In our world there are a variety of different diseases affecting our bodies, there are also different viruses cause different diseases are emerging and changing the nature and shape all the time. Not all viruses that affect us the same way. 

There are deadly viruses, some viruses that weaken us and cause intolerable side effects, but with the right medication (or over time) body manages to overcome them, and there are lighter causes discomfort but minimal impact. Also varies infection through virus viruses virus, incubation time, the manner of onset, viruses can heal them, viruses that remain with us until the day we die, and more.

There is no need to know the types of viruses that exist, certainly not in depth. Little awareness about the most common, especially if you are a carrier of a virus that can be useful in preventing complications, recession disease, prevent the spread around and how to maintain quality of life despite the virus.

So what is herpes?

One of the most common virus is a herpes virus. This is a group of viruses belonging to the family

"Herpes viruses." The most common are "herpes lips" well known to the general public by any other name "wound fever." Lip herpes is more common than people think. Studies show Bribe 4 people carriers particular type of herpes. Lips is herpes virus for life, although he is not active all the time, but those infected remains infected for life. Cannery pills can help fight Herpes, but they are not cheap to buy. I found the cheapest price at this store.

What is Herpes

Herpes, is a viral disease that bursts when the body's immune system is weak. Disease may erupt in situations such as other illness, situations of stress (a phenomenon known is an outbreak on the wedding day), during the transition and changes in hormones. Unbalanced diet, such as industrial and processed foods can lead to an outbreak. The most common types of herpes are herpes lips (herpes simplex) and genital herpes (HSV-2).

Symptoms of herpes are sores on the skin and blisters on the lips or on the genitals.


Herpes virus is contagious from person to person. Infection is through direct contact or through shared objects (tools, hookahs, lipsticks, etc. ..) infection disease outbreak situations calls but can also become infected when the virus is dormant, but chances are very low. Most of infection is through sexual contact or kissing. During an outbreak Avoid direct contact especially in mucous and refrain from personal tools from person to person.